Remote viewing

Remote viewing

Choose any arbitrary coordinates on a map. Close your eyes and sit down for 20 minutes to concentrate on the location you have just randomly selected. Name the things that come into your consciousness beyond. Don’t make anything logical out of it, just write down what comes up. Without any qualification.

My experiment today (52˚15’;08˚15’) gave me this insight:
‘Forest, several red roofs, north-west somewhat further away something like or indicating water, south-west a swimming pool with people, animal/boar/wolf, plaster leg.’

Google Earth brought me afterwards to the picture shown: Schloss Ledenburg. Nearly to the coordinates I randomly chose.
Approx. 3 kilometres to the north-west lake ‘Linner See’. The family Leden rebuild the ruin in the beginning of the 17th century into a ‘Wasserburg’. The family arms showed a unicorn.

A matter of remote viewing enabled by quantum physics. You can do the same.