Introduction of my Beginning



In the beginning God created heaven and earth. Science now assumes that evolution has taken place somewhat differently from the Genesis telling. And yet millions of people on earth attach great importance to this creation story. Are they stupid? Are they stubborn? Do they want to hold their own truth?

People need stories. Stories about how everything works. Stories about how life once started on earth. Stories about how the earth itself once started. Stories about how people got there. Stories about how people functions as body and mind. In short, people need stories to explain the mysteries that we cannot understand. About creation!

It does not matter to me where the earth comes from. I’m satisfied with the creation story and equally well with the theory of evolution. They may both be true for me. I do not care.

I like stories. With the followers of both creation theories. That’s me for the moment. With both I want to give their stories further content. However contradictory they may be. I do not care.

By discussing their stories I become more aware of the others. I get a view of what drives them and keeps them busy. That means that the other person must be able to recover from himself. If there is no story, there is no human being for me. Then the person doesn’t exist.

“God needs people” is the title of a book by Dorothee Sölle. In it she describes that God can’t create the world alone. He needs people to do that. People with stories that give smell and colour to everything on earth. Specially in relations.

People need each other to make something new from a new beginning, a creation. No matter whether that beginning was given by God or by evolution. So a creation needs people. People who start to work in a narrative way and, in the course of time, realizes a creation.

To become us.

If people don’t want to create with me,
the beginning is left.


Dageraad written by cpluzc



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  1. paula graham · December 5, 2018

    baffles me and yes, we all need certainty in our lives, to know it is not for nothing that we toil and strive.

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