Cover Barcelona


inviting you
to b

releasing me
in b

double you




  1. chris jensen · June 4

    I found the post illuminating, nothing near the word (sluice) which I had to looked up, however it was not the post which caught my eye but the word art an the images you use in your blog…



    • cpluzc · June 8

      Thanks! Images and wording have the same origine, me

    • chris jensen · June 12

      I’m not so good with words, but images I can look at over an over..

  2. paula graham · June 4

    Ha, ha..a lot of mystery around in posts at once! I wonder if this is a bit of a sluice?

    • cpluzc · June 4

      It is Paula, into the sluice of prime necessity: mutual love.

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