1. paula graham · June 30, 2020

    Indeed! had it all in my day..must say prefer to drive a super quality car but getting there is the object!!

  2. paula graham · June 30, 2020

    Yes, I agree, but! has your car more quality than my fiesta…both get us to where we wanna be!!

    • cpluzc · June 30, 2020

      My car is a Renault Clio 🙂 the car of my girlfriend a Porsche Macan. So, I experience day by day that supreme quality is unpayable! To my judgement the price difference is to big, for sure the trademark had a value you have to pay for. The basic of my statement is that quality accelerates quality. 🧐 A Fiesta or Clio is as worthful as a Porsche taken moving people into account.

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