grand prix

a test of dexterity, which,

when disregarding the instruction not to regard sandy paths as a road,

can lead to an effort of many muscles, as in my case!

grand prix

in alertness

is it true


that only a handful of people
can make decisions about the future of our world?

liberating light
oppressive black

is it true
that this awaits us?



to understand

the environment i live in


it’s every man for himself,

but there is no more divinity

that can watch over us all,

they disappear in time


now we have leaders,

…..i think

yes, let me think this over…..




where there’s a will


we can meet as people,
empowered go-getters

so obvious to the common man
so difficult often for the decision makers

no matter how big a problem is,
there is always a bridge to be found

although, you must meet one condition

where there’s a will
there is a way