cpluzc is me, Jos Peters. Over 40 years of work experience in various industries, mainly European multinational companies, with emphasis on change management. Guiding people, both individuals as well as groups, to whom they want to be or become: pleased and satisfied with their self, generous to their professional and social environment. Happy People, creative and cheerful!

cpluzc developed two programs to enable the transformation: ‘confident human’ and ‘colourful human’. Resp. branded ‘the competent man’ and ‘the community man’.

cpluzc is involved in blockchain technology. The project pluzcare (execution phase; elderly care) and the project PixCaf (under construction; the supporting portal for photographers) are examples of applications.

cpluzc can also be you. Working together towards a common goal: Happy People, c.. and c..! Completed in accordance with your special and/or unique contribution.
Get acquainted with Jos to talk about possibilities to collaborate. Peer to peer, everywhere around the globe. And we do find a workplace somewhere.


The Dutchess
A good example of cooperation. Moreover, in an attractive ambience: the Greek waters. Have a look at The Dutchess.

Dutchess Logbook

All photo’s and text presented with all blogs are made by Jos himself. Copyright is exclusively reserved for and owned by Jos. No photo material and/or text or part(s) of it may be used without written permission of Jos.


  1. ien smits · February 2, 2019

    Als ik op “The Dutchess” klik krijg ik een mededeling: “schadelijke website geblokkeerd”.

    • cpluzc · February 2, 2019

      Dag Ien, http://www.thedutchess.org is een onschadelijke website waar je heerlijk kunt zeilen in de Griekse wateren, dus geen diesel verstoken, gewoon de wind gebruiken….waarschijnlijk staat je spam filter te strak ingesteld…

  2. Michael Gallagher · January 22, 2019

    Beautiful and intriguing site.

  3. paula graham · March 4, 2018

    Love your work and your words…no admirer and follower!

    • cpluzc · March 4, 2018

      Thanks Paula

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