photographer and author

My photographic work has become much more than just a hobby. My development is fully autodidact and strengthened by feedback. I look, see and feel. Releasing the shutter brings the result. During the further development of the photo, my second association with the image arises. Scene, atmosphere, cut-out, colors…, my feeling is touched, a moment of arousal. Words pop up. Related to the mood of that specific moment.


I prefer a minimum of words. My feelings are just a suggestion for the viewer. Everyone can find something out of it, or not! I am open to reactions, or even, because I am interested in how people look and experience.


Connecting with my surroundings, becoming aware of the impact that has on my state of mind. Realize that I live, here and now.

On request I do work in assignment against payment. For this I ask a reasonable compensation we mutually agree. Both, photo work and text work. The special thing for me is that I have to engage with the given assignment. Awesome marvelous!