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the age of old-fashioned views
we don’t appreciate anymore

we go vegan,
ban alcohol altogether,
live me too
and inclusive,
embrace the rainbow flag,
apologize about slavery,
are switching to electric driving en masse,
buy online,
even our daily groceries,
texting on the terrace,
in the store, on the street, on the platform, in the train,
at the party,
….while eating,
in bed,

made a walk,
through the Burgundian center of Maastricht,
had to wait for my car to be ready,
by the way a petrol powered Z3 (year of construction 1997),
…I have to say this: what a sensational experience while driving in that car…,


on a Monday,
and what a lot of people in the city,
I couldn’t avoid them, I naturally started talking,
yes, actually with everyone,
…….at least who wanted to talk
as me

it’s my