ethical reveille


resulting from spring
remains deficient

geographically spread
different from origin
but with same intentions
free bourgeoisie

contemporary revolution

leaders paradoxical
repeatedly dissipates
ethical reveille

public administration

Branding2 HvH 3mrt08

politicians organizing society
trials, at least
as an example
the Dutch

four parties
shaping government policy

the liberal, for common good
the confessional, for family good
the democrat, for ambitious good
the green, for living good

is something conflicting?

liberal social realism
confessional limiting dogmatism
democrat longing wannebees
green living hypothesis

public administration
as usual

liberating spring

Spring Europe

popped up regularly
in history of mankind

voices of the mob
resistance against
exploiters and oppressors

crowd individuals
uprising of the hurdles

be careful friends
guarantee future
liberating spring