The arrogance of business aristocracy

The arrogance of business aristocracy

and the possibility of a civil war in Western economies

The big and wealthy societies which developed during history, faced more or less the same final. They all declined somehow. The Mycenaean, the Roman, the Ming and Qing dynasties, the Maya’s, to name a few. They disappeared because of revolt, rebellion, war, destruction and more.
The great revolutions in France and Russia, the cultural revolution in China, the opposition against Apartheid in South-Africa, they were all originated from dissatisfaction by the proletariat. Because of differences in welfare, in equal treatment, in equal chances , in equal justice and more.
The Arabic Spring, the Egypt revolution manifested in the Tahrir Square protest, the Taksim Square protest in Turkey, the Ukraine protests in Kiev, the uproars in São Paulo Brazil, they all overrides history into real time events! Because of suppression, neglecting the desire and hope of the population, because of………..arrogance?
This summary is covering an era of four thousand years.

History retweets, again and again: the revolt of the crowd!

Quite a few big and powerful Western business societies which developed during the globalization era, encountered more or less the same debatable culmination. The Enron scandal, the Parmalat affair, the Lehman Brothers mortgage debts, the Bernie Madoff Ponzi Scheme, the Swiss Air Hunter Strategy, the Deutsche Bank spying scandal, the RABO Bank Libor fraud, it all has to do with enrichment of the few.
This undersized list is covering an era of less than fifteen years. In which employees strike, assemble in protest groups, ring bells in public spaces, occupy business assets, post tweets, making a statement by resigning and……….what next?

History retweets, exponential: till it explodes.